Medical, Bio, Artificial Intelligence Experts gather to lead ‘Digital health’
Gangnam Severance, KAIST Gene Conservation Project Group, and Waycen Agrees on Joint Research

Reporter Lee Sang-man

Approved 2021.04.09 15:31

"Agreement on Joint Research Agreement on Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Medical Big Data Utilization Technology." <(From the left) Kim Kyung-nam, CEO of Waycen Inc., Song Young-gu, head of the hospital at Gangnam Severance Hospital, Lee Do-heon, head of the KAIST Gene Consent Guarantee Project Group>

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Yonsei University Gangnam Severance Hospital (Hospital Director Song Young-gu) signed a "Joint Research Agreement on Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based medical big data utilization technology" with KAIST Genetic Agreement (Director Lee Do-heon) and Waycen (CEO Kim Kyung-nam).

The signing ceremony held at Gangnam Severance Hospital in the morning of the 9th was attended by officials from the agreement-related organizations, including general manager Lee Do-hun, CEO Kim Kyung-nam, and hospital director Song Young-gu, and all participants strictly followed quarantine guidelines.

The three organizations that participated in the business agreement decided to join forces for the expansion of various medical fields by developing next-generation diagnosis, prediction methods and new therapeutic materials using medical big data.

First of all, Gangnam Severance Hospital strives to provide a platform to efficiently analyze and apply medical big data such as genetic and clinical information on key diseases accumulated as a central university hospital in Gangnam. The KAIST Gene Consensus Project Group focuses on experiments that predict complex human physiological phenomena using virtual human body technology. Waycen Co., Ltd. is in charge of medical artificial intelligence (AI) research based on the results of both institutions.

This agreement is so broad and meaningful that groups of experts in various fields, including medical, bio, brain engineering, and artificial intelligence, plan to implement basic research in the field of precise medical artificial intelligence, implement application and convergence technology in the long run, and foster medical data professionals who will lead Korean medical care in the future.

Song Young-gu, director of Gangnam Severance Hospital, said, "Since medical big data is a key element of future medical care that will move toward precise-med and digital health, we expect the cooperation of the three best institutions to promote the development of core values that will change the future medical landscape, such as medical artificial intelligence and virtual human experiments."


Reporter Lee Sang-man

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